HP LaserJet 1010 Driver

HP laserjet 1010 driver

The durable HP LaserJet Printer 1010 rocks above other printers. It is one of the smallest and incredibly efficient printers among the HP brand products. It is quite small and suitable for easy use due to its portability. The hp 1010 printer works with reasonable speed. It is a typical entry-level printer ideal for homes and offices who desire to find printing equipment of high quality, much better than many inkjet printers. The principal uses a monochrome process for printouts at a print speed of 12 pages per minute. HP LaserJet 1010 windows XP 32-bit printer driver Pentium II has a 300 MHz processor and 128 MB or more RAM.

HP LaserJet 1010 Driver for Windows

Supported OS: Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows Vista (64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), Windows XP (64-bit)

Filename Size Download
Full Software and Driver for Windows XP 32-bit.exe (Recommended) 54.84 MB Download
Host Based Driver for Windows Vista 32-bit.zip 14.25 MB Download
Host Based Driver for Windows Vista 64-bit.zip 19.91 MB Download
Host Based Driver for Windows XP 32-bit.exe 906.48 KB Download
Or download HP LaserJet 1010 drivers from the HP website.


Whether for home use, or office, personal or corporate, the HP 1010 printer is specifically designed to meet your needs. As a Black and white only printer machine, it is much easier to install or replace its toner as adequate yield has gauged into it for each model of roughly about 2,000 pages. 1010 uses wired connectivity with a USB interface. It has an inbuilt processor of 133.0 MHz the monthly printing capacity cycle is 7,000 pages. The printer saves power due to its moderate consumption of about 214.0 Watt (operational) and 7.0 Watt (Standby or sleep). Hp 1010 printer driver is compatible with different versions of OS including Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and above.

To start using the HP 1010 printer is not a problem at all as it is easy to run. The software can be added using add a printer wizard in windows this way hp laserjet 1010 driver installs automatically and quickly in no time, helps you with connecting the printer itself and prints a test page to confirm all things set. Coupled with it is the utility drive called the hp laserjet 1010 printer driver toolbox that comprises of a series of web pages and supporting Windows-based program which helps you to access printer firmware functions available to view and manipulate to suit different purposes.

In addition to this, diagnostic tests are also enabled, coupled with Resolution Enhancement Technology (RET). This particular technology allows you to gain a more profound clarity about the specific document as it enhances the print resolution beyond the basic.

The maximum paper weight this hp 1010 printer can handle is about 163 gsm. The design outlook also has a hinged tray that can accommodate up to 150 sheets of paper in addition to the paper through the main tray. This machine designed with great simplicity in mind that does not in any way reduce its efficiency. There is an authoritative synchronization of the hp 1010 printer driver with your computer which makes interactions easy and jobs delivered in time without extensively prolonging the wait time. The first page of this printer can only delay for just about 8 seconds and after that continue to print at the rate of 12 pages per minute on the average.

Remember to as much as possible disallow papers with a rough texture, cut-out edges or hole-punched. The hp 1010 printer works as though it designed for you; a portable outlook, durable service, a quiet whirling work that is much less disturbing. The printer also handles both text and graphic works with very high precision. The standard resolution it works with is about 600 dpi, and this is enough for a lovely, attractive and efficient printout.

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