HP PageWide XL 3900 Driver

HP PageWide XL 3900 driver

HP PageWide XL 3900 printer model supports the use of fantastic principles with an internal memory size of 8 GB of DDR3 storage. In addition, it can permit one other internal storage of 500 GB HDD in a self-encrypted mode with an AES-256. The printing path of the HP PageWide XL 3900 also includes an HP Universal Print driver (HP-GL/2 and PS), HP Click printing software, and HP PageWide XL print drivers (PDF, HP-GL/2, and PS).

HP PageWide XL 3900 Printer Driver Downloads

Driver for Windows

Filename Size Download
PCL3 Driver for Windows 32 bit.exe 6.26 MB Download
PCL3 Driver for Windows 64 bit.exe 6.89 MB Download
PDF Driver for Windows 32 bit.exe 9.498 MB Download
PDF Driver for Windows 64 bit.exe 10.58 MB Download
PS Driver for Windows 32 bit.zip 4.90 MB Download
PS Driver for Windows 64 bit.exe 5.67 MB Download

Driver for Mac OS

Filename Size Download
Driver Installer for Mac OS.dmg 336.16 MB Download


The print output resolution is up to 1200 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi) for the color mode in terms of the technical specifications. At the same time, its compatible print technology is the HP PageWide Technology in 4 different cartridges, one each for yellow, cyan, magenta, and black. The options include bond, recycled papers, poster papers, matte film, Tyvek papers, and polypropylene in terms of the compatible media types.

The standard connectivity protocols include an optional HP SmartStream software that supports optimum performance. Also, the supported print languages include HP GL/2, TIFF, and JPEG. Meanwhile, the typical work environment has specific requirements, including temperature and humidity ranges. For instance, the operating humidity range is between 20 and 80% with no condensation. However, it depends on the media type in use.

In addition, the optimum power consumption is about 0.7 kilowatts when printing under ideal conditions. At the ready mode, this printer uses about 0.4 kW as the typical level of power usage. Its ready method uses about 108.4 watts and less than 1 watts at the sleep mode. However, this sleep mode may also use less than 4.6 watts with an embedded digital front-end component.

Printing with this model is faster than the alternative LED printers with similar multifunctional attributes. More so, the machine gains control over printing costs with its unique HP SmartTracker software for best gain. Download HP PageWide XL 3900 driver from Hp website

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